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Gandhi Group

The group has mainly concentrated its activities in steel, which is considered as a vital factor in any nation's industry. Steel and Cement being the major backbones of an economy, the group has evinced a very keen interest in the field of procurement, distribution and marketing of steel especially Carbon, alloy and special steel including tool steel and restricted its activities to this field.

The group's flagship company namely: ‐ INDIA INDUSTRIAL ENTERPRISES was founded in the year 1967 at Calcutta and from a modest sale of Rs. 100 thousand per annum at that time, the group has proliferated into a multi‐division one as follows and is poised to achieve a total group turnover of Rs. 4100 million during the current year.


This division handles procurement, marketing and distribution of all types of steel including tool and special steel and has the following firms in its fold:

Each of these firms is the authorised distributor and dealer of the major Steel producers  of India, namely:

They also enjoy access for directly lifting steel materials from premier companies like

These  firms  supply  steel  to  various  foremost  industrial  houses  for  use  in  their  respective  areas.

Their  major  customers  are:

Besides all the Ordnance Factories located in India and a host of other industries.

These firms have an excellent team of marketing personnel well versed in their fields, who leave no stones unturned in achieving their goal. The group has established a network with Head quarters at Calcutta, and branches at Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Pune, to survey, monitor and cater to the demands of the industries located in and around their respective areas with liaison offices situated at Delhi, Nagpur, Jabalpur, Kanpur, Coimbatore & Indore. The total turnover in the steel division is expected to reach a level of Rs. 2250 million in the current year.


The forging division has in its fold two manufacturing companies namely:‐

M/s Kems Forgings Ltd. 
M/s Premier Steels & Forgings Pvt. Ltd, Calcutta. (PSF)

While KFL's two Plants are located in Bangalore in Southern India, the two Plants of PSF is situated at Calcutta in the Eastern sector. Both the forging plants are well equipped with forge shops, heat treatment shop and die shop.

Their major customers are:

And a host of other automobile industries in and around their respective location.

The total turnover of these divisions is expected to be around Rs. 800 million during the current Fiscal.


This division consists of two sub‐divisions, viz., (a) Machining & Fabrication Facilities & (b) Coal Gasification Technology.

a)  Machining & Fabrication Facilities:

Kems Auto Components have one Plant in Bangalore and the other in Hosur, Tamilnadu. The manufacturing units of these companies have excellent machine shops equipped with state of the art CNC machines and other multi‐purpose machineries for drilling turning etc. They also have fabrication facilities to manufacture special and multi‐purpose fabrication jobs. Kems Auto Components also exports precision machined components and assemblies to European countries as well as to USA.

Major customers are:

b) Coal Gasification Technology

The Engineering Division supplies coal based producer gas plants on turnkey basis. The gas so produced is used as cheaper alternative fuel in industrial processes. The manufacturing facility is located at Calcutta. This gas plant produces combustible mixture of nitrogen, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen, generated by passing air with steam over burning coke or coal in a furnace and the resultant gas mixture is used as fuel. The gas so produced is a substitute for furnace oil and there is a saving over 60% in the furnace oil requirement. The new technology adapted by the company in manufacturing these plants gives a clean and consistent quality producer gas of high calorific value from any grade of Indian coal with virtually no effluents either liquid or gaseous. The novel modification bought about by the company over the conventional designs has greatly improved the operational efficiency and quality to a great extent. The plant produces clean and consistent gas from ‘A’ grade to ‘F’ grade of Indian Coal, with higher thermal efficiency of 88‐92%. The process is eco‐friendly, continuous and easily controllable like in oil fired furnaces. The modified design of extended shaft technology adapted by the company ensures use of any type of coal, from the best grades of A & B to inferior grades of E & F with equal ease and efficiency. The result is that almost up to 80% of the volatile matter content of the coal gets converted into gas. The producer gas is a viable substitute for fuel oils especially furnace oil, basically of petro‐base, the cost effectiveness of the same cannot be undermined.  The producer gas is therefore, an able, viable and economical substitute for furnace oil where depending upon the grade of coal used in theplant, 40 to 100% furnace oil can be saved. Besides, there are many advantages of the gasifier plant manufactured by the company like optimization of the process, ease of operation, optimization of power consumption, purity of gas, virtually no effluents either liquid or gaseous and above all, auto enrichment of gas with inbuilt distillation of coal.

The company have already supplied and installed more than 100 units of gasifier plants.

Prominent Customers are:

Expected turnover of these divisions is Rs. 900 million in the current year.


The Hydraulic Division M/s. Oscar Equipments Pvt. Ltd. is based at Calcutta in the Eastern sector. The Company is equipped with precision machining facilities to manufacture Hydraulic Cylinders and its components, which are supplied as OEM items.

Their major customers are:







Projected turnover of this division is Rs. 150 million in FY 2011‐12.


The group was running on lease an alloy steel manufacturing unit namely, M/s. Brindavan Alloys Ltd. for about two years and has gained necessary expertise and experience in steel making also.

The group has vast experience in steel procuring and marketing fields especially in alloy, carbon and non‐alloy and tool steel and have built up over the past few years such a reputation that many of the customers are with the group for a long time. It has a vast and established network of branches to market its products and is also a name to reckon with. Many of the customers are with the group for more than a decade and that itself is a proven fact of its commitment to its customers.