IIEPL'S Extended Shaft Producer Gas Plant: Advantages to Customer

  • 80% Depreciation is allowed as per IT Act which Is a major incentive to profit ma king companies
  • Coal is used as main feed-stock as against Furnace Oil
  • Cost savings of 4O% to 70%
  • Low Pay back period -One Year
  • Environment friendly


  • Coal is used as main feed-stock
  • Use of all types and grades of mal (A Grade to F. Grade of Indian Coal) including residuals from manufacturing process
  • Low Operating Cost / Semi to Full Automatic
  • Lesser Man power
  • Environment friendly
  • The Plant requires low cleaning & provides consistent production of gas
  • Process involves gasification of coal providing smooth & faster gasification, consistent flow of coal, lesser energy level of conversion
  • Plant design provides higher coal-throughput and higher gas make per MT of coal vls-8-vis single stage conventional double stage Gasifier
  • Higher Thermal Efficiency of our Plant (88% to 92% against 65% to 70% in Single/ conventional double stage Gasifier .
  • Continuous process and having advantage of superior control vis-√†-vis Oil firing
  • Plant is Operational friendly and conforms to all Pollution Control Board norms which was not available on single I conventional type of Gasifiers. It has superior instrumentation to control change in mal throughput addition of air, control of Blast Saturation temperature {BST), mobility of coal bed and ash discharge system and atomization provides lesser number of workers.
  • Safety Features ~ There is no gas leakage as plant has sealing arrangement of coal feeding system, poke holes and ash bowl. Water seaIs are provided at desired Locations to take care of over pressure. High and low level alarms are provided on the jacket boiler steam drum.
  • Gaseous Effluents -There is no gaseous effluent. Heat loss / reduction is guarded with help of jacket boiler on the bottom shell and refractory insulation on the extended shaft.
  • Liquid Effluents -The liquid effluent of about 0.5 MT to 1.5 MT I per day of light tar is generated in Mixing-cum-Washing Chamber, which can be used as CTF in duel feel burner in place of Furnace Oil. The Phenol collected in the Mixing Chamber is circulated for washing and cooling of gas.
  • Solid Effluent -The Ash Granules discharged from the plant is non¬≠toxic and can be used as filling material, Cement plant, Road Repairs or brick making.
  • Noise Level -The noise level is below 60 db as the plant design controls and results into low oises.
  • Purity of Gas -With mixing cum washing Chamber and separator, the dust and tar particles of above 40 microns are remove from the final gas. The Tar vapour is completely burnt out in the furnace and thus the gas will be free of tar and very low level of sulphur.