Products - Objective of the New Generation Producer Gas Plant

Objective of the New Generation Producer Gas Plant

The objective of the new technology was to produce a clean and consistent quality Producer Gas of higher Calorific Value from any grade of Indian Coal of A to F grade. With this objective in view, a deep coal — bed has been introduced above the insignificant product gas space and minimal distillation zone of the single stage gas-producer. The product gas has been diverted fully through this extended coal bed to come out from the top of the extended shaft at a temperature much below cracking temperature of Tar and the tar remains always at vapour phase.

The Basic Design Features of New Generation Producer Gas Plant with their advantages

  • The extended shaft is so precisely calculated that the feed coal while moving downwards gets stripped off its volatile matter to a great extent and itself is transformed to ‘Near coke’ state for a higher reactivity and smoother and faster gasification almost similar to coke gasification. The product gas on the other hand, while moving upwards counter current to the incoming coal stream gets auto carbureted with the stripped and distilled volatile matters of coal to a higher calorific value
  • Perfection of the Coal charging system for better distribution of coal.
  • Provision of Double off-takes for producer gas from the top of the Extended Shaft for uniform gasification and full utilization of fire-bed.

The above novel features of auto-enrichment of Gas with inbuilt distillation of coal in an Extended Shaft Gasifier have improved the kinetics of gasification, specific mass-flow of gas per unit empty cross-section of Gasifier, Gas make per MT of coal, Calorific Value and consistency of Gas quality to a great extent.

The Constructional Features of New Generation Producer Gas Plant

The prime parts of a 100% Top Off-Take Producer Gas Plant are:

  • Overhead Coal Bunker
  • Coal Feeding System
  • Skip—Hoist, Bucket Elevator or Conveyor System for lifting of Coal
  • Refractory lined Extended Shaft
  • Water Jacketed Bottom Shell or Generator Proper
  • Grate Stool with Grate Rings
  • Grate Rotation System with Guide and Support Rollers
  • Ash-Bowl with bottom seal and skirt
  • Double Gas off-takes from the top of Extended Shaft
  • Washing cum Mixing chamber
  • Steam Drum
  • Air-Blowers with associated steam—air mixer/saturator, BST Controller
  • Piping and Fittings for Gas, Water, Steam and Air
  • Gas vents from outlet off-takes
  • Ash Removing System
  • Tar Settling and Removing System
  • Instrumentation with PLC/DCS
  • Electricals including M.C.C, Cabling, Lighting, Earthing etc
  • Building and Structurals including insulation